The Romanian soi-disant intellectual class opposes this musical movement. The manele are very popular, especially among the middle and lower strata of Romanian and Bulgarian society. Among Romanian television stations, manele performers and music are particularly seen on ProTV, Prima TV and Antena 1, and on some small TV stations. While the mainstream radio stations do not air manele, there are a lot of smaller (or pirate) stations that are quite popular, especially in Romania's capital Bucharest. The climax was attained on New Year's Eve of 2006 when almost all Romanian television stations, with the exception of National Television, featured programs that included manele singers of both sexes. Prior to this, another controversy had been raised after Romania's National Day, >December 1; this day happens to be ProTV's anniversary, as well. That day, ProTV aired 10 versions of the Romanian national anthem; one of them was a remix of the anthem as a manea, interpreted by manele singers. This generated a controversy over Romanian internet and even resulted in a petition, but it also served as proof that manele is gaining acceptance in Romanian society.

Manele is criticized for its lyrical content, which mostly includes boasting about one's sexual capabilities, one's intellect ("Doamne ce ma duce capu", which translates to "God my mind works so well"), the ability to attract members of the opposite sex ("Toate gagicile mele", "All my bitches"; "Am gagici top-model", "I've got top-model bitches"; "Gagicile ma agata", "Chicks pick me up"), or wealth ("Toti banii", "All the money"), sometimes all in one song. Some singers intentionally use bad grammar, repetitive and simplistic rhymes and sometimes even vulgarity and misogynism. Despite all this, some of the criticism seems to be of a racist nature, since this genre is strongly associated with the

The issue is the influence of such music and the ideas and concepts promoted by the genre on its audience. Many intellectuals compare it with the new wave of hip-hop/rap music that impacts European and American youth or reggaeton/reggae in South and Central America.



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